ESP 8266 – Arduino- Wifi Monitor

This is an ESP 8266 Based Arduino WiFi Connectivity monitor.

I used a NodeMCU and a simple I2C 16X2 LCD for this. But you can adapt it to any Arduino with a Wifi Module. You might have to do some changes to address those wifi modules 1st.

This Script Ping For Google Public DNS and report the ping time on the attached I2C display. If there is any connectivity issue then display it and blink LCD backlight if it’s enabled.

You are able to hardcode up to two wifi networks for this. If primary wifi isn’t available it will automatically try backup wifi.

ESP8266Ping, ESP8266WiFi, LiquidCrystal_PCF8574 and Wire Libraries need for compiling the script.

Connection Diagram as follows


Full project Github Link

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