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Copy Jobs in Jenkins

Recently guy from Dev-Ops team asked me whether I know a method to copy jobs in Jenkins bulkily while renaming them. I needed something to distract me from all these networking shenanigans. So I took the challange and wrote below script to save the day. Never knew Jenkins got a script console before this.

Anyway, Just replace the Variables at the beginning and paste the script into Manage Jenkins -> Script

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WordPress Visual Editor (WYSIWYG) Error

Recently I ran into a problem with WordPress built-in WYSIWYG visual editor. The problem was I get a totally blank page at visual tab but when switched to Text(HTML) tab everything is working, Also, the toolbar is not rendering.

After doing some extensive research I tried disabling plugins, using google libraries, reinstalling the theme and even downgrading WordPress. Nothing fixed my issue. The only thing I have changed recently is enabling Letsencrypt on my server.

This is how I fixed

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Life in a Hotel

Short and Sweet Then…

Almost 5 months ago I was thinking over and over about changing my job. And I got a job in a Tourist Hotel. As an IT technician. They didn’t have any IT guy in the company. So network and computers are a mess. They had a guy on contract to service and repair things.

They still often mix IT and Electronics. But some of them identify the difference between two of them.

A hotel is a very

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